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Yes we catch

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The ideal tool to guarantee product traceability

Yes We Catch Un module de saisie des captures
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A catch input module directly connected to SBV or TTM systems

Most onboard temperature monitoring systems only provide an interface displaying the temperature without linking it to the loading of catches.

To aggregate all the data, Olen has developed a catch input module dubbed Yes We Catch, which is directly connected to the SBV or TTM system.

During the trip, the user inputs the catch data for each fishing operation and the software matches up the fishing operation and preservation parameters.

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  • high tide - Yes we catch Trip number
  • placeholder - Yes we catchGPS position and operation number
  • weight scale - Yes we catchTonnage
  • fish - Yes we catchFish species
  • categories - Yes we catchCommercial category
  • cargo boat - Yes we catchLoading plan
  • scanner - Yes we catchBatch identification by label/certification (MSC, Label Rouge, FAD Free, Dolphin Safe,…)

Traceability and quality monitoring

This module connects the catch loading logbook to the preservation parameters:

  • temperature;
  • salt mass concentration;
  • freezing point.

The operator is thus able to accurately track past catch tonnages together with their associated preservation conditions.
An overall plan is displayed showing the distribution of tonnages and species onboard.
This loading plan can be exported for distribution.

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Yes We Catch -Outil ideal pour garantir la tracabilite des produits

Yes We Catch is the ideal tool to guarantee product traceability.

Thanks to the Onshore Monitoring Service, the shipping company can access all the YES WE CATCH data in real time. It is a valuable tool for landings forecasting and port call management (organisation of landings, transport, etc.)

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Yes we catch